Learn Unity3D Programming with UnityScript

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Unity’s JavaScript for Beginners

eBooks Details :

Learn Unity3d Programming with UnityScript is your step-by-step guide to learning to make your first Unity games using UnityScript. You will move from point-and-click components to fully customized features. You need no prior programming knowledge or any experience with other design tools such as PhotoShop or Illustrator – you can start from scratch making Unity games with what you’ll learn in this book.

Through hands-on examples of common game patterns, you’ll learn and apply the basics of game logic and design. You will gradually become comfortable with UnityScript syntax, at each point having everything explained to you clearly and concisely. Many beginner programming books refer to documentation that is too technically abstract for a beginner to use – Learn Unity Programming with UnityScript will teach you how to read and utilize those resources to hone your skills, and rapidly increase your knowledge in Unity game development.

You’ll learn about animation, sound, physics, how to handle user interaction and so much more. Janine Suvak has won awards for her game development and is ready to show you how to start your journey as a game developer. The Unity3D game engine is flexible, cross-platform, and a great place to start your game development adventure, and UnityScript was made for it – so get started game programming with this book today.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use UnityScript programming to build exciting Unity games
  • The basics of game logic and design through hands-on examples of common game patterns
  • Where and how to find free art, music, and other resources to really bring your games to life
  • How to use key concepts of your game creation such as physics, animation, handling user interaction, and sound
  • How to debug and test your games to ensure they work perfectly
  • How to read and interpret the documentation to rapidly advance your scripting skills
  • How to find and use scripts, art, and audio from the Asset Store

Who this book is for

Learn Unity Programming with UnityScript is for anybody new to programming or Unity who wants to learn how to create games. You do not need any programming experience or experience with design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite or similar. You can get started making Unity games with this book today.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Unity

Chapter 2: Game Programming 101

Chapter 3: Making A Simple Scene

Chapter 4: Using Scripts And The GameObject

Chapter 5: Moving The GameObject

Chapter 6: Starting With Coding Physics

Chapter 7: More Physics and Animation

Chapter 8: Particle Emitters and Special Effects

Chapter 9: Game Design And Logic – The Blueprint

Chapter 10: Putting The Pieces Together And Building Your Game

Chapter 11: Enhancing The User Experience: GUI And Sound

Chapter 12: Optimizing and Publishing Your Game

Chapter 13: Where To Go From Here


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