Graphing Data with R

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Graphing Data with R

An Introduction

eBook Description:

Complex relationships are often more easily grasped by looking at a picture, or a graph, than they might be if one tried to absorb the nuances in a verbal description or discern the relationships in columns of numbers. Graphing Data with R is about using graphical methods to understand complex data by highlighting important relationships and trends, reducing the data to simpler forms, and making it possible to take in a lot of numbers at a glance.

The tool set used to accomplish the task is the free programming language and library of programs called “R.” The book explains, in plain language, how to download R to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, how to enter your own data or to copy publicly available data from many web sites, and how to understand, use, and produce effective graphs.


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[psp_rs_book name=”Graphing Data with R” author=”John Jay Hilfiger” publisher=”O’Reilly Media” pubdate=”2015-10-25″ isbn=”978-1-49192-261-3″ formats=”PDF”]


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