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Improving User Experience with Large Scale User Testing

eBook Description:

Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Facebook have used data-driven design techniques to improve the user experience of their consumer products. With Designing with Data, you’ll learn how improve your design decisions through data-driven A/B testing, and how you can apply this process to everything from small design tweaks to large-scale UX concepts.

Want to determine if a new color will improve your website’s overall user experience? Or if different copy text will lead to a better click-through rate? A/B testing provides the data you need to make substantive design decisions. Designing with Data shows you how to make data-driven design part of your product design workflow.
Get best practices for analyzing and applying user data when making design decisions Learn different approaches to data-informed design Understand potential pitfalls when relying on data Get an insider’s view of how to make data-driven decisions

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