Mastering VMware vSphere Storage

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Monitor and optimize the storage capabilities of your vSphere environment

eBook Description:

Design a storage solution for your vSphere environment Troubleshoot vSphere Storage performance problems An advanced guide to vSphere Storage performance along with best practices to design an optimum storage solution

Who This Book Is For
Mastering VMware vSphere Storage is for users who have already worked with the VMware vSphere platform and who want to design a VMware vSphere Storage solution and troubleshoot issues.
What You Will Learn Manage vSphere 5 using vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) and esxcli and vmware-cmd commands Deploy and configure vSphere Management Assistant (vMA)Design a storage solution to use vSphere in an enterprise Configure ESXi technical support mode and SSH access Review the vSphere performance troubleshooting methodology Use performance charts and the resxtop utility Configure VM storage profiles, Storage DRS, and Storage I/O control Explore vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) and Storage Awareness (VASA)Troubleshoot storage performance problems


In Detail
vSphere Storage is one of the three main infrastructure components of a vSphere deployment (Compute, Storage, and Network).

Mastering VMware vSphere Storage begins with an insightful introduction to virtualization and creating your own virtual machines. We then talk about VMware vCenter Server and virtual machine management, as well as managing vSphere 5 using vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) and esxcli and vmware-cmd commands. We then swiftly move on to a very interesting topic, reviewing the vSphere performance and troubleshooting methodology. We then configure VM storage profiles, Storage DRS, and Storage I/O control. More significantly, we will troubleshoot and analyze storage using the VMware CLI and learn how to configure iSCSI storage.

By the end of the book, you will be able to identify useful information to make virtual machine and virtual data center design decisions.


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