Data Visualization For Dummies

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Data Visualization For Dummies

eBook Description:

Big data is big news! Every company, industry, not-for-profit, and government agency wants and needs to analyze and leverage datasets that can quickly become ponderously large. Data visualization software enables different industries to present information in ways that are memorable and relevant to their mission. This full-color guide introduces you to a variety of ways to handle and synthesize data in much more interesting ways than mere columns and rows of numbers.

Learn meaningful ways to show trending and relationships, how to convey complex data in a clear, concise diagram, ways to create eye-catching visualizations, and much more!


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[psp_rs_book name=”Data Visualization For Dummies” author=”Mico Yuk, Stephanie Diamond” publisher=”Wiley” pubdate=”2014-01-21″ isbn=”978-1-118-50289-1″ formats=”PDF”]


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