Mastering VMware Horizon 6

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Unlock the advanced features and full power of VMware Horizon 6 to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end user experience

eBook Description:

Learn why a EUC strategy is important, what it can deliver, and the approach you should take when starting out with your own project Understand the key architecture components, new capabilities, and how to build, install, and configure an optimized delivery platform for end-user computing services Build your own environment for VDI and hosted applications with the help of screenshots, real-life scenarios, and best practices

Who This Book Is For
If you are working as a desktop admin, part of a EUC team, an architect, or a consultant on a desktop virtualization project and you are looking to use VMware’s Horizon solution, this book is for you. This book will demonstrate the new capabilities of Horizon 6. You should have experience in desktop management using Windows and Microsoft Office, and be familiar with Active Directory, SQL, Windows Remote Desktop Session Hosting, and VMware vSphere infrastructure (ESXi and vCenter Server) technology.
What You Will Learn Install and configure the VMware Horizon 6 Version 6.1 solution, including new features such as vGPU Manage user profiles in a virtual desktop environment with View Persona Management Configure Horizon View to deliver hosted applications and desktops Build, optimize, and tune desktop operating systems to deliver a superior end-user experience Perform an upgrade from a previous versions of Horizon View to Horizon View 6.1 Explore Horizon Advanced Edition, including Workspace Portal, VMware Mirage, and Horizon FLEX Introduction to App Volumes including step-by-step configuration and deployment Delve deeper into the Horizon 6 version 6.1 infrastructure to understand how the solution components work and fit together along with a methodology for approaching an EUC project Configure, manage, and deploy desktop pools for individual use cases In Detail

Horizon 6 is VMware’s latest end-user computing solution, designed not only to centralize and virtualize desktop environments but also to deliver individual applications securely to any device by means of a virtual workspace.

Your journey starts by investigating an end-user computing project including assessment, pilot, and production. Next, we move into the design phase where we will first take a deeper look at the Horizon 6 solution and its components and how to plan their use in a successful project. Once we have our design and have identified our use cases, we will start to install and configure the core solution. With that in place, we will fine-tune the best end-user experience. Finally, we examine the advanced and enterprise features of Horizon 6, such as VSAN, vCOPS for View, and Horizon Mirage.

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