FileMaker Pro 14: The Missing Manual

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The book that should have been in the box

eBook Description:

You don’t need a technical background to build powerful databases with FileMaker Pro 14. This crystal-clear, objective guide shows you how to create a database that lets you do almost anything with your data so you can quickly achieve your goals. Whether you’re creating catalogs, managing inventory and billing, or planning a wedding, you’ll learn how to customize your database to run on a PC, Mac, web browser, or iOS device.

The important stuff you need to know:
Dive into relational data. Solve problems quickly by connecting and combining data from different tables.Create professional documents. Publish reports, charts, invoices, catalogs, and other documents with ease.Access data anywhere. Use FileMaker Go on your iPad or iPhone—or share data on the Web.Harness processing power. Use new calculation and scripting tools to crunch numbers, search text, and automate tasks.Run your database on a secure server. Learn the high-level features of FileMaker Pro Advanced.Keep your data safe. Set privileges and allow data sharing with FileMaker’s streamlined security features.

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  • The Missing Manual series are often the best help books I come across.

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