Getting Started with VMware Virtual SAN

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Build optimal, high-performance, and resilient software-defined storage on VSAN for your vSphere infrastructure

eBook Description:

Effectively understand the fundamental concepts and features of Virtual SAN Implement and administer your VMware VSAN efficiently Ensure stability and data reliability and meet service-level agreements for each virtual machine and application.


Who This Book Is For
Getting Started with VMware Virtual SAN is intended for server administrators and storage administrators who would like to successfully build and scale a VSAN-backed vSphere infrastructure. A basic understanding of vSphere concepts and storage fundamentals will be helpful.
What You Will Learn Understand what software-defined storage is and how it is implemented through VMware Virtual SAN Install, configure, and administer VSAN Architect VSAN to cater to your specific business requirements Define storage tiering at the software layer by implementing storage policy-based management Understand how every I/O flows through the VSAN infrastructure Monitor your VSAN infrastructure to discover issues at an early stage Efficiently use utilities to troubleshoot and fix issues


In Detail
Virtual SAN is without a doubt the latest fad in the virtualization arena. The best part about VSAN solutions is the fact that a near-Flash performance is achieved with only a marginal percentage of Flash storage. And all this without noticeably compromising vSphere’s exquisite feature set and its interoperability with other products from VMware.

Getting Started with VMware Virtual SAN covers the fundamental aspects of software-defined storage, including its evolution and its role in a software-defined data center. You will gain a complete understanding of VMware Virtual SAN architecture, its components, and how it is put together. The sizing and profiling of virtual machines are also covered in detail. The book explores your options in choosing the type of Virtual SAN and deploys a simple setup that will demonstrate the workflow of a VSAN deployment.

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