MongoDB for Java Developers

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Design, build, and deliver efficient Java applications using the most advanced NoSQL database

eBook Description:

Reuse the skills you have acquired through Hibernate or Spring to promote your applications to use NoSQL storage Explore the list of libraries that are already available to assist you in developing Java EE applications with MongoDBA step-by-step tutorial to create leaner and faster applications using MongoDB

Who This Book Is For
MongoDB for Java Developers is for Java developers and architects who want to learn how to develop Java applications using the most popular NoSQL solution and the use cases of it.
What You Will Learn Install MongoDB and its client toolsSet up a basic project that uses a MongoDB driver and performs CRUD operations with it Explore simple strategies for mapping Mongo documents with Java classes Use bulk operations to speed up the creation of massive documents Design and develop a Java Enterprise application that uses MongoDB as storage Develop and deploy an application that uses Hibernate OGM as a persistence layer for your entities Use Spring Data and Spring Boot to leverage micro-services using MongoDB as storage


In Detail
The NoSQL movement is growing in relevance, attracting more and more developers. The MongoDB database is a well-recognized rising star in the NoSQL world. It is a document database that allows data persistence and enables you to query data in a nested state without any schema constraints and complex joins between documents.

MongoDB for Java Developers provides all the knowledge you need to make MongoDB fit into your application schema. It starts with a basic introduction to the driver that can be used to perform some low-level interaction with the storage. Then it moves on to using different patterns to abstract the persistence layer into your applications, starting with the flexible Google JSON library to the Hibernate OGM framework and finally landing on the Spring Data framework.

By the end of MongoDB for Java Developers, you will know everything you need to integrate MongoDB in your Java applications.

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