Learning Redis

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Design efficient web and business solutions with Redis

eBook Description:

Model and design databases effectively in Redis Learn about sharding, indexing, and migrating strategies in Redis A simple step-by-step tutorial explaining the main concepts of Redis through practical examples.

Who This Book Is For
Learning Redis is for SQL developers who want to learn about Redis, the key value database for scalability and performance. Prior understanding of a programming language is essential; however no knowledge of NoSQL is required.
What You Will Learn Familiarise yourself with NoSQL and install Redis Build solutions and enhance your web applications in Redis Understand the persistent mechanism for better scalability Configure and tune the server to improve performance Identify bottlenecks and how to handle fault management in Redis Learn about backups and recovery strategies for the Redis environment Discover the commands and functions of Redis In Detail

Learning Redis will introduce Redis and help you understand its various facets.

Starting with an introduction to NoSQL, you will learn how to install Redis and how to classify and work with data structures. By working with real world scenarios pertaining to using Redis, you will discover sharding and indexing techniques, along with how to improve scalability and performance through persistent strategies and data migration techniques. With the help of multiple examples, you will learn to design web and business applications. You will also learn how to configure Redis for setting up clusters and tuning it for performance.

At the end of Learning Redis, you will find essential tips on backup and recovery strategies for the Redis environment.

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