Raspberry Pi Blueprints

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Design and build your own hardware projects that interact with the real world using the Raspberry Pi

eBook Description:
Interact with a wide range of additional sensors and devices via Raspberry Pi Create exciting, low-cost products ranging from radios to home security and weather systems

Full of simple, easy-to-understand instructions to create projects that even have professional-quality enclosures

Who Raspberry Pi Blueprints Is For
If you have already undertaken some simple projects with the Raspberry Pi and are looking to enter the exciting work of hardware interaction, then this book is ideal for you.
What You Will Learn Install and configure an operating system on your Raspberry Pi Design electronics circuits using a range of standard components Interact with electronic circuits and hardware using software libraries Write efficient Python applications to control hardware and process data Build professional-quality enclosures using a range of construction methods Implement best practices to be able to power your projects while on the go Configure Linux to run your applications at specific times Make your applications interact with online data and communication services In Detail

The Raspberry Pi is one of the cheapest and most popular single-board computers, as such it has become a platform for users to create their own interesting hardware and software projects. It’s capable of doing everything you’d expect a desktop computer to do, from browsing the Internet and playing high-definition videos, to making spreadsheets, word processing, and playing games.

Filled with 10 interesting hardware projects, this book starts off by helping you get your Raspberry Pi set up with the popular Raspbian operating system, writing Python scripts, and interacting with some external hardware. As you progress through the next set of projects, you are introduced to additional pieces of software and will write scripts that bridge the gap between them and various sensors and hardware.

By the end of the book, you will be writing full Python applications that will both interface with a wide variety of hardware and be exposed to the Internet.


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