Google Glass For Dummies

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A full-color guide to everything you need to know about Google Glass!

eBook Description:
With this easy-to-use guide, you can wear your Google Glass with confidence! From setup and configuration, to learning how to tap into the amazing features of Google Glass, this book has it all. Soon you’ll be taking photos and video, accessing the display, using the applications, and operating the arm’s touchpad. This must-have guide is filled with the important information you need. Keep the book on hand and refer to it often as you explore the world through your Google Glass.

Google Glass For Dummies is the only guide you’ll need to control this extraordinary technology that includes a camera, display, touchpad, battery, and microphone all built into the frames of the glasses. Not only do they allow you to access the display in your field of vision—so you can access the time, date, and weather—they also give you the ability to film videos, take and share photos, search the web, and translate languages—all on the go!
Discover how to use the Google Glass tools, including the camera, display, touchpad, battery, and microphone Tap into the power of Google Glass voice controls and the bone-induction technology that vibrates to create sound Find out how to take pictures and video while you’re on the go Video conference with your coworkers using Google Glass

This handy reference is your guide to everything Google Glass, covering all of the details of this extraordinary Google gadget.

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