React: Up & Running

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React: Up & Running

Building Web Applications

eBook Description:

React is a new, open-source technology from Facebook that has stirred quite a storm in the web development community, and some would say it’s the next best thing to a silver bullet for building web applications. With React: Up and Running you’ll learn how to get off the ground with React, with no prior knowledge.

React: Up & Running teaches you how to build components, the building blocks of your apps, as well as how to organize the components into large-scale apps. In addition, you’ll learn about unit testing and optimizing performance, while focusing on the application’s data (and letting the UI take care of itself).


eBook Details:

[psp_rs_book name=”React: Up & Running” author=”Stoyan Stefanov” publisher=”O’Reilly Media” pubdate=”2015-12-25″ isbn=”978-1-49193-182-0″ formats=”PDF”]


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