Web Performance: The Definitive Guide

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Web Performance: The Definitive Guide – Speed is money—and increasing web performance can have a significant bottom line impact. This practical guide introduces a new model for thinking about end-to-end performance that everyone, from developers to engineers and analyst, can readily understand. Whether you want to write faster applications, or ensure site is fast all the time, you’ll discover how to achieve performance in a new way. Learn how to identify, prioritize, and analyze problems, and then—most importantly—how to optimize performance.
Learn how to test web pages and understand the results Determine if you have performance problems and how to diagnose them Use common performance tools such as Keynote and Gomez Explore web performance challenges outside of the US Dives into mobile web performance Understand how to set service-level agreements, both internally and with third parties Set up and use a content delivery network, and learn how it works Learn how to design up front for performance


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[psp_rs_book name=”Web Performance: The Definitive Guide” author=”Daniel Austin” publisher=”O’Reilly Media” pubdate=”2016-02-25″ isbn=”978-1-49194-506-3″ formats=”PDF”]


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