Learning iOS Security

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Enhance the security of your iOS platform and applications using iOS-centric security techniques

eBook Description:

Familiarize yourself with fundamental methods to leverage the security of iOS platforms and apps Resolve common vulnerabilities and security-related shortcomings in iOS applications and operating systems A pragmatic and hands-on guide filled with clear and simple instructions to develop a secure mobile deployment

Who This Book Is For
Learning iOS Security is intended for mobile security professionals who want to learn how to secure iOS operating systems and its applications. Any knowledge of iOS architecture would be an added advantage.
What You Will Learn Configure the appropriate features to debug data and inspect your device Configure and operate iOS applications using the best practices Build Mobile Device Management configurations with a secure approach Choose the appropriate tools in an iOS deployment with the help of easy-to-understand scenarios Connect and manage Apple devices centrally Provide appropriate input when a security policy is being made Develop a toolset to begin tackling comprehensive forensic analysis Transmit and store data efficiently using the privacy and iCloud settings Connect your device to view network traffic and capture the camera In Detail

iOS has quickly become one of the most popular mobile operating systems, not only with users, but also with developers and companies. This also makes it a popular platform for malicious adversaries. iOS users and developers need to be constantly aware of their mobile security risks. Because of this, there is great demand for risk assessment specialists and security engineers.

Learning iOS Security is a hands-on guide that focuses on iOS Devices and application security. It also discusses many vulnerabilities and security-related shortcomings that could expose personal data to prying eyes or allow interception of an iOS devices communication. You will learn how to manage apps to reduce the risks from third-parties and then carry out practical steps and procedures to protect your device at a large scale using tools like Apple Configurator and MDM. By the end of this book, you will have a great understanding of the essentials of iOS apps and will be able to secure the platform easily and rapidly.

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