Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions

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Business intelligence projects do not need to cost multi-millions of dollars or take months or even years to complete! Using rapid application development (RAD) techniques along with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions guides database administrators, SQL programmers, and report specialists in creating practical, cost-effective business intelligence solutions for their companies and departments.

Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions provides practical examples of cost-effective business intelligence projects. Readers will be guided through several complete projects that build a foundation for real-world solutions. Even with limited experience using Microsoft’s SQL Server, Integration Server, Analysis Server, and Reporting Server, you can leverage your existing knowledge of SQL programming and database design to provide users with the business intelligence reports they need.

Provides recipes for multiple business intelligence scenarios Progresses from simple to advanced projects using several examples Shows Microsoft SQL Server technology used to complete real-world business intelligence projects
What you’ll learn How to plan and implement cost-effective business intelligence projects How to create practical data warehouse databases How to extract, transform, and load data with Integration Services How to develop OLAP cubes and dimensions on Analysis Server How to create Reporting Server reports using both SQL and MDX How to apply performance-tuning techniques to get the most from your solutions

Who this book is for
Pro SQL Server 2012 BI Solutions is aimed at database administrators, SQL programmers, and report developers who create business intelligence solutions for midsized businesses and departments.
Table of Contents Business Intelligence Solutions A Big Picture Overview Planning Solutions Designing a Data Warehouse Creating a Data Warehouse ETL Processing with SQL Beginning the ETL Process with SSIS Concluding the ETL Process with SSIS Beginning the SSAS Project Configuring Dimensions with SSAS Creating and Configuring SSAS Cubes Additional Cube and Dimension Configurations Creating Reports with SQL Queries Reporting with MDX Queries Reporting with Microsoft Excel Creating Reports with SSRS Configuring Reports with SSRS Testing and Tuning BI Solutions Approve, Release, and Prepare.


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