The Definitive Guide to MongoDB

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The Definitive Guide to MongoDB

The NoSQL Database for Cloud and Desktop Computing

eBook Description:

The Definitive Guide to MongoDB – MongoDB, a cross-platform NoSQL database, is the fastest-growing new database in the world. MongoDB provides a rich document-oriented structure with dynamic queries that you’ll recognize from RDBMS offerings such as MySQL. In other words, this is a book about a NoSQL database that does not require the SQL crowd to re-learn how the database world works!

MongoDB has reached 1.0 and boasts 50,000+ users. The community is strong and vibrant and MongoDB is improving at a fast rate. With scalable and fast databases becoming critical for today’s applications, this book shows you how to install, administer and program MongoDB without pretending SQL never existed.


eBook Details:

The Definitive Guide to MongoDB
Published by: Apress
Date Published: 10/26/2010
ISBN: 978-1-4302-3051-9
Available in: PDF


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