RFID For Dummies

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RFID For Dummies

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RFID For Dummies – Many companies have asked suppliers to begin using RFID (radio frequency identification) tags by 2006 RFID allows pallets and products to be scanned at a greater distance and with less effort than barcode scanning, offering superior supply-chain management efficiencies This unique plain-English resource explains RFID and shows CIOs, warehouse managers, and supply-chain managers how to implement RFID tagging in products and deploy RFID scanning at a warehouse or distribution center Covers the business case for RFID, pilot programs, timelines and strategies for site assessments and deployments, testing guidelines, privacy and regulatory issues, and more


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[psp_rs_book name=”RFID For Dummies” author=”Patrick J. Sweeney II” publisher=”Wiley” pubdate=”2005-04-01″ isbn=”978-0-7645-7910-3″ formats=”PDF”]


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