Hibernate Recipes, 2nd Edition

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A Problem-Solution Approach

eBook Description:

Hibernate Recipes, Second Edition contains a collection of code recipes and templates for learning and building Hibernate solutions for you and your clients, including how to work with the Spring Framework and the JPA. This book is your pragmatic day-to-day reference and guide for doing all things involving Hibernate.

There are many books focused on learning Hibernate, but this book takes you further and shows how you can apply it practically in your daily work. Hibernate Recipes, Second Edition is a must have book for your library. Hibernate 4.x continues to be the most popular out-of-the-box, open source framework solution for Java persistence and data/database accessibility techniques and patterns and it works well with the most popular open source enterprise Java framework of all, the Spring Framework.

Hibernate is used for e-commerce-based web applications as well as heavy-duty transactional systems for the enterprise. What you’ll learn How to use object-relational mapping in Hibernate How to do one-to-one mapping, many-to-one mapping, collection mapping, component mapping, and inheritance mapping How to use Hibernate Query Language (HQL) How to perform batch processing and use native SQL, criteria queries, caching objects, and more How to enable Hibernate in web applications with e-commerce How to use Hibernate for heavy-duty enterprise transaction-based systems How to integrate Hibernate persistence with Spring Framework solutions


Who this book is for

This book is for experienced Java developers looking to use Hibernate, but is also appropriate for Java developers new to Hibernate.


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