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A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy SQL Server Performance

eBook Description:

Healthy SQL is about ensuring the ongoing performance health of a SQL Server database. An unhealthy database is not just an inconvenience; it can bring a business to its knees. And if you are the database administrator, the health of your SQL Server implementation can be a direct reflection on you. It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a healthy SQL implementation. Healthy SQL is built around the concept of a medical checkup, giving you the tools you need to assess the current health of your database and take action to improve upon that health and maintain good performance to your business.

Healthy SQL aids in developing a rigorous routine so that you know how healthy your SQL Server machines are, and how you can keep those same servers healthy and fit for duty. The book is filled with practical advice and a time-tested strategy, helping you put together a regimen that will ensure your servers are healthy, your implementation is fully optimized, your services are redundant and highly available, and you have a plan for business continuity in the event of a disaster. If your current environment doesn’t match up with these criteria, then pick up a copy of Healthy SQL today and start your journey on the road to a fit and tight SQL Server deployment.

What you’ll learnUnderstand what a SQL Server health check is, and why you should perform oneKnow the right times and triggers for a comprehensive health checkMake a comprehensive probe of your environment using the best tools and techniquesStore the data collected for trend analysis and comparison with future checksSlice, dice, and glean insight from the results of your SQL Server health checkKnow what changes to make to improve performance and future health check results Maintain the performance of your database at the level needed by your businessWho this book is for

Healthy SQL is written for database administrators and developers responsible for managing and ensuring the performance one or more SQL Server database instances. The book is also helpful for system administrators and others who might assist or have a direct, hands-on role in SQL Server database performance troubleshooting.


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