OpenStack Essentials

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Demystify the cloud by building your own private OpenStack cloud

eBook Description:

Set up a powerful cloud platform using OpenStackLearn about the components of OpenStack and how they interact with each other follow a step-by-step process that exposes the inner details of an OpenStack cluster who This Book Is For.

If you need to get started with OpenStack or want to learn more, then OpenStack Essentials is your perfect companion. If you’re comfortable with the Linux command line, you’ll gain confidence in using OpenStack.
In Detail

An OpenStack cloud is a complex jungle of components that can speed up managing a virtualization platform. Applications that are built for this platform are resilient to failure and convenient to scale. OpenStack allows administrators and developers to consolidate and control pools of computing, networking, and storage resources, with a centralized dashboard and administration panel to enable the large-scale development of cloud services.

Begin by exploring and unraveling the internal architecture of the OpenStack cloud components. After installing the RDO distribution, you will be guided through each component via hands-on exercises, learning more about monitoring and troubleshooting the cluster. By the end of the book, you’ll have the confidence to install, configure, and administer an OpenStack cloud.

This is a practical and comprehensive tutorial on sorting out the complexity of an OpenStack cloud.

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