HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference

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HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference

Essential information about using HTML5: everything you need at your fingertips

eBook Description:

HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference – HTML is the predominant programming language used to create Web pages. HTML5 has enhanced rich media, geolocation, database and mobile capabilities, and is now able to script APIs, making it a must-have for Web developers. This convenient reference, comb-bound to lie flat, makes it easy to find the information you need in a hurry so you can get those terrific Web pages designed and online right now.
HTML is used extensively in creating Web pages, especially for mobile browsers; HTML5 offers exciting enhancements that Web developers are eager to master Features a handy format that provides essential information in a quick and simple manner, with easy-to-follow instructions, smaller size, and convenient, lay-flat binding Covers using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript The basic information you need to develop eye-popping Web sites with HTML5 are easy to find in HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference.


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[psp_rs_book name=”HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference” author=”Andy Harris” publisher=”Wiley” pubdate=”2011-05-03″ isbn=”978-1-1180-1252-9″ formats=”PDF”]


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