Home Automation with Intel Galileo

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Create thrilling and intricate home automation projects using Intel Galileo

eBook Description:

Make the most out of Intel Galileo by understanding its fundamentals and architecture. Explore sensors and devices to successfully control home functions like lights, security, energy management, and many more. Written in a lucid and step-by-step approach explaining varied aspects of home automation. Who This Book Is For.

Home Automation with Intel Galileo is for anyone who wants to learn Intel Galileo for home automation and cross-platform software development. No knowledge of programming with Intel Galileo is assumed, but knowledge of the C programming language is essential.

In Detail

Home Automation with Intel Galileo provides you with a rapid introduction to Intel Galileo and home automation. You will start by setting up the Intel Galileo Board and its software development environment and learning cross-platform software programming using C and Linux. It then walks you through the home automation concept and provides insights about existing sensors and devices to use with Intel Galileo and explains how to use them in your own home. You will also create applications for energy management with electrical and environmental sensors and safeguard your homes using monitoring and surveillance concepts. Finally, you will learn to add advanced features to your home automation applications such as web interfaces to control devices, connecting with smartphones, and adding a microphone to add voice control features.

All in all, this book is a practical guide to learn about Intel Galileo and experience the joy of building full-fledged projects for home automation.


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