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Boost your SoapUI capabilities to test RESTful and SOAP APIs with over 65 hands-on recipes

eBook Description:

Quickly gain simple-to-use building blocks to power up your SoapUI toolkit Use Groovy scripting and open source technologies to add the SoapUI functionality you need to successfully test RESTFul and SOAP APIsAccess reusable step-by-step technical solutions to common and more advanced real-world test scenarios.

Who This Book Is For
SoapUI Cookbook is aimed at developers and technical testers who are looking for a quick way to take their SoapUI skills and understanding to the next level. Even if you are new to SoapUI but have basic Java skills and a reasonable grasp of RESTFul and Soap web services, then you should have no problem making use of this book.
What You Will Learn Generate tests, refactor interfaces, and learn how to develop stub REST and SOAP service implementations using Java Create data-driven tests and check results using MySQL, in-memory H2 DB, MongoDB, file, and Active MQ datasources Develop dynamic data-driven REST and SOAP service mocks using Groovy scripting to quickly provide realistic test service implementations Automate functional and load tests and run mocks by creating Shell, Java, JUnit, Gradle, Groovy, and Maven scripts Test AWS and OAuth 2 cloud-based services including Dropbox and Google’s Gmail API In Detail

Packed with practical guidance, this book will show you how to build core SoapUI skills, integrate open source libraries, and code the extra functionality needed to quickly overcome common and advanced API test problems.

Building up your skills, you will progress to more advanced topics such as Groovy scripting, testing secured services, load test concurrency issues, using plugins and developing your own!

So when out-of-the-box SoapUI can’t do exactly what you need or the quick guidance you require just isn’t there, then take, tweak, and use what you need from a broad range of practical examples in this book and customize your way to API testing success with coverage of SOAP, REST, and Groovy.

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