Grant by Ron Chernow Review [Buy Now Best Price]

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Grant by Ron Chernow: This book is one of the best sellers of New York Times Book Review’s 10 Best Books of 2017. Grant was an inspired commander, an adequate president, a dull companion and a roaring drunk.  The inspired commander idea still works for Chernow, but he argues strongly against the rest.

Grant by Ron Chernow explains about Grant’s attitudes toward racism, anti-Semitism, political corruption and alcoholism front and center. It also describes about every battle Grant ever fought. With 959 pages of text, he’s got room for all that and a lot more.

Grant by Ron Chernow Review [Buy Now Best Price]

Ulysses S. Grant’s life has typically been misunderstood. All too often he is caricatured as a chronic loser and an inept businessman. Else as the triumphant but brutal Union general of the Civil War. But these stereotypes don’t come close to capturing him, as Chernow shows in his masterful biography. The book gives a complete understanding of the general and president whose fortunes rose and fell with dizzying speed and frequency.Grant by Ron Chernow

Before the Civil War, Grant was flailing. His business ventures had ended dismally, and despite distinguished service in the Mexican War he ended up resigning from the army in disgrace amid recurring accusations of drunkenness. But in war, Grant began to realize his remarkable potential, soaring through the ranks of the Union army, prevailing at the battle of Shiloh and in the Vicksburg campaign, and ultimately defeating the legendary Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Along the way, Grant endeared himself to President Lincoln and became his most trusted general and the strategic genius of the war effort. Grant’s military fame translated into a two-term presidency, but one plagued by corruption scandals involving his closest staff members.

Contribution of Ulysses S. Grant:

Moreover, he sought freedom and justice for black Americans. Through working to crush the Ku Klux Klan and earning the admiration of Frederick Douglass. Therefore, he was called as “the vigilant, firm, impartial, and wise protector of my race”. After his presidency, he was again brought low by a dashing young swindler on Wall Street.

With lucidity, breadth, and meticulousness, Chernow finds the threads that bind these disparate stories together, shedding new light on the man whom Walt Whitman described as “nothing heroic… and yet the greatest hero.” Chernow’s probing portrait of Grant’s lifelong struggle with alcoholism transforms our understanding of the man at the deepest level. This is America’s greatest biographer, bringing movingly to life one of our finest but most underappreciated presidents.

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