Webinars For Dummies

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Book Description :
Webinars For Dummies takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of webinar creation. Written by John Carucci under the guidance of webinar technology company ON24, the book provides a roadmap for creating a webinar that effectively communicates to the audience without boring them to sleep. Webinars For Dummies gives you the insider’s perspective on techniques that have been proven effective time and again.

Webinars are becoming increasingly common as a way for businesses to connect with customers and partners without distance being a factor. Whether they take the form of a live presentation, a PowerPoint slideshow, or a combination of both, the beauty of the webinar is that it can be archived and viewed again after the initial set presentation. But this feature also adds a burden to the webinar creator, as the presentation must be understood outside of the live context. Creating what is essentially an archival presentation means considering a host of factors surrounding both content and organization.

Book Details

eBook name: Webinars For Dummies
Publisher:    Wiley
By:    Sharat Sharan, John Carucci
ISBN:    978-1-118-88572-7
Year:    2014
Pages:    288
Language:    English
File size:    29 MB
File format:    PDF


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