Beginning Fedora Desktop

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eBook Description :
Beginning Fedora Desktop , Fedora 20 Edition is a complete guide to using the Fedora 20 Desktop Linux release as your daily driver for multimedia, productivity, social networking, the GNOME 3 desktop, administrative tasks, and more. Author and Linux expert Richard Petersen delves into the operating system as a whole and offers you a complete treatment of Fedora 20 Desktop configuration and use.

You’ll discover how to install and update the Fedora 20 Desktop, learn which applications perform which functions, how to manage software, use of the GNOME 3 and KDE desktop configuration tools, useful shell commands, and both the Fedora administration and network tools.

Get the most out of Fedora 20 Desktop — including free Office suites, editors, e-book readers, music and video applications and codecs, email clients, Web browsers, FTP and BitTorrent clients, microblogging and IM applications — with a copy of Beginning Fedora Desktop: Fedora 20 Edition at your side.

What you’ll learn

  • How to install and update the Fedora 20 Desktop, as well as manage software with both GNOME Software and PackageKit
  • The available desktop choices, including GNOME, KDE, and alternative desktops (Xfce, LXDE, Sugar, Mate, and Cinnamon)
  • review word processors, spreadsheets, presentation, e-mail, graphics, video, and music software, along with GNOME 3 applications for notes, weather, time, maps, and music.
  • How to administer your system, add users, manage printersand peform backups
  • How to participate in social networks using open source clients for IM, VoIP, and microblogging.
  • Configure network connections (GNOME 3 network and network manager), as well as configure firewalls with FirewallD and access network resources with Samba

Who this book is for :

Beginning Fedora Desktop: Fedora 20 Edition is for novice to intermediate users who are looking to install Fedora 20 as their primary computing environment.

Table of Contents :

1. Fedora 20 Introduction

2. Installation and Upgrade

3. Usage Basics: Login, Desktop, and Help

4. Installing and Updating Software: YUM, PackageKit, and RPM

5. Office Applications, Editors, Mail (E-mail) and News

6. Graphics and Multimedia

7. Internet Applications: Web and FTP

8. Social Networking: Microblogging, IM, VoIP, and Social Desktop

9. GNOME 3

10. The K Desktop Environment: KDE

11. Shells

12. Additional Desktops

13. Fedora System Tools

14. System Administration

15. Network Configuration

16. Printing


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